Clever combination of online money and ground promotion

recently busy working overtime, there are not a few days in the A5 submission, today is to share a while ago I have the operating ways of making money, is actually very simple, because of their work time and they can not stick with it, just tell friends let them go, until now they are still people insist on, here today to share.

you know the hotel reservation is commission can be extracted, I do this Union Commission every book a room and stay is 25 yuan from a night, the Commission is not low because some people will even live for many days, how do we make money? Is very simple, first to register Zhang alliance, the account system will be sent to you own promotion links with Taobao customers like as long as people through this link and hotel occupancy, the Commission is our. And then to do rankings? Time is too long, do too much bidding, to post it?. What are we going to do? Download the program from the alliance and put it on your website so that we have a reliable address. I believe a lot of people can do this step, the key is how we promote.

I print some leaflets and name card of Jinjiang, home to the train station next to go to the park, next to a few points at the door of the hotel window, most of the people who travel frequently do not know where tomorrow? They are more convenient for hotel reservation, back to the room open and portable notebook on the operation, and the online booking are free, but they use it for the first time, after the estimate is your customer.

Methods more than

if you are interested can try, especially suitable for the students to do the social contact and understanding of great help, and if you do SEO is very good, you can try the following method.

we know what is the Baidu auction, in the first row per click is to spend money, this is not to say, one day I saw on the Internet to do a keyword bid on pomegranate trees, I looked at the key competitiveness is not too big, why not to do the bidding, may be as eager to promote it, I suddenly thought I will try this keyword, then spent a month to do natural keyword ranking second, I make up my rent to the website, according to their website traffic, I offered lower than the bid, then we on the transaction, he wanted to promote I want to make money, as long as it can reach the aim not to go. In fact, there are many key words like this, there are basic friends can try.

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