Wang Jianguo enterprises should also do a good job of innovation


five star Holding Group Co., Ltd. chairman and President Wang Jianguo (Sina Finance photo by Chen Xin)


financial news on July 27, 2012 -28, sponsored by the Qingdao Municipal People’s government and the "Chinese entrepreneurs" magazine "2012 (twelfth) China enterprises" future star "will be held in Qingdao in Shandong. The picture shows Wang Jianguo, chairman and chief executive of the five star Holding Group Co., Ltd. (micro-blog).

Wang Jianguo: distinguished leaders, ladies and gentlemen, good evening. Listen to the director Gu speech is very inspiring, as the enterprise must innovate. The title of my speech is in the Gu director’s guidance, from the perspective of business as a supplement, my topic is "back to the basic level of enterprise".

recently, we are very concerned about, there are a lot of people ask me, the recent electricity supplier to play a very good price war, especially in the field of home appliances, a few electricity providers all fight price war. I have done in the home appliance industry for decades, they say you have this veteran what evaluation. We invested in a "King", this also won the "future star", they also asked the question, "said the king of the children" the future will not participate in price wars? On the first question, do not evaluate, because other companies have other business practices. The second question, "child king" do not have a price war? I can answer, "child king" to have the price advantage, but not by the price war. An enterprise should return to the basic level of the enterprise to do their own thing, there are three aspects to share with you: the first one is to enlightenment. Do business or have a good idea, need to have good business ideas. The second level is the potential. The last level is ming. These three levels is to do the most basic things should be controlled. Back to the basic level, enterprises can do a good job. We do not have no way out of innovation, but if there is no basis, there are problems.

first I want to talk about the so-called enlightenment, enlightenment is to have a good business ideas and business philosophy. Child king has two business ideas and the concept of the two, I am here to share with you, more children, Wang, general manager Xu Weihong share. The first is from the operation of goods to customers, this is a very important concept. Now the business, based on a lot of competition, based on the beat the competition, more important is based on value creation, how to identify customer needs, establish a good relationship with the customer, is that we do the fundamental business. Only to bring value to the target customers, can be developed.

I have a very typical case here, we do business, think that the customer is very understanding, in fact, is not the case. I have made a mistake, I was five star appliance (micro-blog) founder, during the Five Star appliance with best buy cooperation, the board of directors proposed to do a five star customer survey, the main content of the survey is "customer what to five-star to buy", I think this is very simple: first the price is second, third is the quality of service. However >

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