Personal Adsense professional real estate website how to do 300 thousand

is now the most heat is what? What is the future can continue to heat it? Of course is the real estate, with the city China process more and more quickly, more and more widely, the real estate industry at present and in the future for a long period of time will be in the national economy most of us one of the big concern.

but as a real estate portal of emerging media, along with the development of this trend, more and more attention by people, more and more people are using the Internet to view communication, learning. As a reference for their own home. I am no exception.

02 years of contact with the network, now has eight years of time, not the old users, can also be regarded as old rookie. Contact from the beginning was deeply attracted by it, from the beginning of the Internet all day to beauty, to later learn their registered mail, and Internet chat rooms, it was quite fire ah, now the new rookie estimates may not be clear about the network chat room, when QQ is not too fire.

later on the design of the web page, with 163 free space to do some simple web pages, the sky flying stars that look stupid. Pull away, or that I save real estate Internet cafes, you say me is the title of the party, my real estate network for three years. 05 years started two years ago, basically took the family to pay the tuition, what also don’t understand. Go a lot of detours, but also do not know how to communicate and contact with the developers, do not know what is the real estate in the end, the first two years, basically learning experience. It is time to eat instant noodles every day. Later saw the group purchase Tinghuo, so in the last year we began to organize the group purchase, and develop a new idea of "the new premises when the second-hand housing to sell", a year’s time, the amount of information we have coming up, traffic is coming up, then like the "heavyweight" inside said, home then came. Developers talk about advertising. Ha ha, so far this year, we have reached a cooperation with the developers have reached some more than and 20 are dominant, some are recessive.

There is a famous saying "money to make the dark

like network, to pay some money to open" is to let visitors see, some of the money is to let visitors see. The operation of the specific process and we say that in order to have a real estate network of friends, and ready to do the local real estate network friends to sign.

first when your website is not mature and successful do not worry, it is because you haven’t first-hand information, why do you say, because you come to your website to see to see the local information, either online excerpt from the big passage, or with the local a little side information with such sites who love you want to buy a house, estimated it would not come this website to see.

but then again, when you don’t have well-known developers why should these information to you, and why they believe you are! So it’s important to find a good starting point.