s it GG Ad Chinese service personnel have been embezzled the money in the account


announced the " Street Advertising Forum; stop account may also receive income before " news, many were released and stop account contact Google AdSense team to get its deserved income. Of course, there are some publishers because of invalid clicks and other cheating can not continue to receive the account balance, there are also other situations, such as the service team told publishers can receive income, but the income has been removed.

is the publisher of the advertising Street forum user (idummy), a publisher from Hubei, Jingzhou. His Google AdSense account was discontinued in June 2008, he contacted the service team and that can be obtained before June revenue and service team told him in May revenue has been received, for the time is July 17th. The strange thing is the publisher in August from the advertising forum that stop street still have the opportunity to receive account income before email, but before the account is unable to log on nature cannot obtain the monitoring code will not receive income to the west.

publisher idummy stated his encounter in the street Advertising Forum: suspected Google AdSense internal staff corruption banned accounts unpaid and soon claimed to be a Beijing post office were in contact with him, that is fault display for payment, now money can not be returned, only the money paid to him by remittance. He soon received the money.

Beijing, the friend of the phone number 01065451079 contact with the publisher, but now the number has been in a state of no answer.

then, the official forum administrator AdSensePro issued a formal response, called " system; fault display, the money is not for " and then publish idummy updates to the post, said the money has been received and the Google AdSense apologized for the misunderstanding.

after our investigation, the following are obtained:

publisher idummy Description:

1, the content described in the post is completely true, the account number is stopped for pub-8733973626428105;

2, so far still do not know the money of the monitoring code, but the money has been received, but also by way of bank transfer payment;

3, the reason is because the apology was mistakenly thought that the money was the service group corruption, but has now received;

official group Description:

1, is a system failure;

2, the money has not been received;

3, the request for monitoring code does not respond to the request;

comprehensive analysis of the above process, we >