China porn website enrichment revealed how to make her a addiction

    "erotic June day" boss Chen Hui by collecting hundreds of thousands of registered members, half naked chat chat room can make a profit of 3 million…… A huge temptation to promote internet porn industry chain, but also to the network pornography industry becomes very mysterious, but in fact, Internet pornography is very lucrative way of "diversification".

        it is understood that the early establishment of general porn forum will be to "free" slogan to attract "people first", with some posted pornographic resources "obscene people" in "people" addiction will gradually increase pornography rights, at the same time with the close the free membership registration, regular cleaning of inactive members of ID and other practices, have registered members feel that the existing members of ID become very "precious", forcing members to obtain increased amount of post, improve the forum integral contribution value, this forum on the "construction" will promote the role. And in the end, it is to open membership registration fee. "When you get hooked, you don’t want to give money to the money," the source said.

          a server in the United States, called "love X music" porn forum open registration time for all users to provide 3 months of "free experience" time period of 3 months had forced the closure of the post and post reading membership function, force users pay a membership fee, but also known as thousands of overseas pornographic websites to crack the password "carrot", promised to open membership fee. "This" coercion "almost is nowadays porn sites to recruit members’ standard ‘practices".

          the level of membership fees to the rich degree of visibility, depending on the content of the site, generally provide the "original" video download, or web site password will be more affected by registered users, because the yellow information is not other free porn sites. Let them feel "rare" high degree. Chen Hui gave erotic June days set a different level of registration fee, 199 yuan per year, ranging from $266, life membership fee of $666, up to $3999. The porn forum also spread between the "99 erotic forum" behind the boss "actors" is currently holding a dozen pornographic website, received by the membership registration fee of $5000 per month.


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