Law of success of nternet entrepreneurs


the development of the Internet in different periods, the rules of their entrepreneurial success will change. In fact, the phrase itself is a false proposition, after all, for any one industry, never having successful rules inherent one, so the emphasis here is on an Internet entrepreneur who follow the trend of the times, the necessity of the development trend of the Internet to see. So the rule of success of the Internet today should be: to seize the core needs of users, improve the user experience of the product, everything revolves around the user.

any successful website must be able to hit one or several of its users pain points, that is, to meet the user’s needs of one or several core. Help freshgraduates find the ideal job in the shortest period of time, this is YJBYS Qiuzhiwang is the core of the "law", which is behind of entering the society graduates confused understanding, mining is the graduate core requirements. Or further, YJBYS job hunting network is caught in this impetuous society, accompanied by the rapid increase in the number of college students to bring difficult job seekers, no planning solutions. For each of the graduates to set up columns, products, is the first to apply for a job to create a network of college students YJBYS site support rules.

as other Internet entrepreneurs, how can we accurately find the core needs of users? I believe that the current industry there are two main ways: one is based on the analysis of competing products as the representative of the data analysis methods, such as setting up index, data mining, based on the analysis of the data mining to obtain. The use of user behavior and habits, and ultimately find the core needs of the target users; another is "role substitution", website planning team often need to own into the actual situation of target user experience, user experience, in order to find the core needs of the user groups.

in different period of development, web site operators to find the core needs of users will be different. In the early days of the small sample size, the method of field experience is found, which can meet the needs of users better through the data mining after the user reaches a certain level. For example, through data analysis, to help students grasp the recruitment requirement and plan, analysis of HR more desirable to have what qualities of the graduates, help graduates own occupation personality assessment, reasonable planning of their own occupation career. These are the user requirements can be mined through the analysis of a large number of user samples.

After the determination of the basic value of

, the site’s improvement, fullness and even to a certain extent, become a result of the joint efforts of various forces.

to some extent, the site is not actually planned out, which may make a lot of people would think it sounds incredible. Because of the difference in the user group, the more significant function adjustment of the website will often lead to different responses

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