70 tabloid practice business ideas before asking yourself 10 questions

10 questions to ask yourself before testing business ideas

when you think of a good idea, but don’t know if it’s possible, you need to ask questions to test the concept. Here are 10 questions you should ask yourself:

1, who are my customers?

2, what can my idea replace


3, how can I best demonstrate this idea to someone else?

4, who will be needed in my team?

5, what resources do I need?

6, what is the buying cycle of my product?

7, what is the expected sales of our products?

8, how much growth potential can I bring to this idea?

9, do I have the necessary skills?

10, do I feel like I’m going to do this in two years?

mobile application monitoring company New Relic financing $80 million

according to foreign media reports, the application monitoring company New Relic recently completed a round of up to $80 million in financing, the company’s valuation of $750 million. This round of financing will help New Relic consolidate its position in the corporate market.

New Relic provides enterprises with SaaS based console, allowing companies to control their own private cloud, their own websites and mobile applications. From the ideal state, the New Relic service allows companies to find their own real-time server failure occurs in a large number of users to find problems before the problem.

New Relic has been growing for 18 consecutive months, and revenue doubled in 2012. There are currently about 5000 paying customers, of which there are 1200 from the last quarter of fourth. New Relic customers include ESPN, Nike, SONY, Comcast, eHarmony, Github and Groupon, etc..

new version of Digg released six months monthly traffic growth of 40%

6 months after the release of the new version of Digg, foreign media published some data from Digg. According to BuzzFeed data show that the flow of traffic from Digg every month, an increase of 40%.

Digg is also very dependent on the editor’s choice of what should be active in an important position, in order to ensure that people can see the quality of content. Although the current Digg and previous wind >

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