The right of discourse of the grassroots has hurt the blog

Rise in the west of the Blog, after landing in China, many netizens praise. According to Baidu’s "2006 Chinese blog development authority report" shows that as of November 3, 2006, the number of Chinese blog sites worldwide reached 52 million 300 thousand, the blog (Blogger) the number of users reached 19 million 870 thousand, the average blog (Blogger) users have about 2.6 blogs, blog site number and blog users have a certain degree of growth than last year, per capita the number of blogs also increased slightly compared with last year.

grassroots voice is gradually deprived

network to the roots of the biggest surprise is the discourse of freedom, and the right to speak but are slowly to the grassroots are not deprived of their ways of perceiving. Open the Sina blog page, eyes looked full of celebrities, but also it is these celebrities, firmly occupy the front of the Sina ranking position, firmly holds the right to speak.

the achievements of the grassroots blog, blog diaojingongcang, tusigoupeng, alienated the grassroots.

voice loss means what?

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