How to make money in 2009 website builders

entered the 2009, for everyone should be more happy, the new year, new hope, new goals. I’ve seen a lot of my friends’ blogs and QQ space record their 08 year summary and the 2009 plan.

these days I am also considering a problem in 2009, we do the staff how to make money?

2008 economic crisis indirectly affected the various enterprises, in 2009 the crisis remains, how can we resist the cold winter, to meet the spring?

first station. As long as in the website construction work should get the money is to live in a few years ago, a corporate website also say there is a 3000 yuan, and now, the enterprise website is personal, Internet companies do bad, the market is chaotic. But these two years found that there is a lot of space to do. And companies or individuals are increasingly looking for individuals to do it, not the company. We do have several advantages: the price can be agreed, and the company cost high price we have no personal advantage; flexible service, of course this is for personal integrity, do not rule out the possibility of comparison was simple. Of course, these are mainly based on the introduction of friends, friends, customers on the basis of customer. For the novice, you can take the initiative to find a look.

second web site optimization services. Now enterprise website or personal product site, more and more pursuit of efficiency and profit, rather than simple beauty. The ability to have more cases or SEO workers, a month to pick up one or two SEO list that is definitely white-collar workers. But this line of business, reputation must be better, do not promise to customers, once for the money that you do not pay attention to reputation, reputation and customers are less.

third own a website to operate, do GG advertising, and so on (as the site construction personnel, the construction of a site is small, but the lack of operational philosophy. So it is also the most important to learn)

fourth is more difficult to achieve or personal, that is, commercial website profit. This is what we most want to achieve, but it is still difficult.

fifth play professional skills, more outside contact list.

Article more than and 6 of

for a part-time job.

Oh, this is my summary, I hope to give us a little inspiration to a lot of useful than in short, dig into yourself, believe in yourself.

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