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IDG capital founding partner Xiong Xiaoge

sina science and technology news on August 2nd afternoon news, IDG capital founding partner Xiong Xiaoge (micro-blog) this afternoon to accept the interview with Sina Technology revealed that IDG now every month to invest 1-2 mobile Internet Co. He also suggested that China and the United States through dialogue mechanism to solve the VIE (variable interest entity) problem.

Macworld 2012 Digital World Expo opens today in. As an important exhibition of IDG, this year’s exhibitors and exhibition area increased significantly compared with last year. Afternoon, IDG capital founding partner Xiong Xiaoge accepted an exclusive interview with sina technology.

monthly investment 1-2 mobile Internet Co

Xiong Xiaoge said that over the past 2 years, IDG capital investment in the more than and 20 mobile Internet Co, now every month to invest in 1-2 companies. He said that IDG capital is now very optimistic about the mobile Internet industry, the majority of enterprises to vote early.

, according to him, IDG capital will be careful to do market research in the investment, product analysis, and communication with the entrepreneurial team. He admitted that IDG capital does not invest in many companies in a field, but some areas may be excluded.

talked about the mobile Internet business model, Xiong Xiaoge believes that the PC Internet era advertising model is not suitable for mobile Internet, because many users dislike this model.

the current way to make money in the mobile Internet or mobile games, web games, and PC Internet advertising model is not the same. PC Internet era content is not worth the money, and the mobile Internet era, the future of the content to be valuable." Xiong Xiaoge said.

Xiong Xiaoge believes that two years after the mobile Internet will usher in the real tipping point. He suggested that the venture to do some of the original technology, because it has the value of investment.


is an established fact

for U.S. investors recently on the enterprise VIE architecture of Chinese concerns, Xiong Xiaoge believes that the overseas listed Chinese companies are using VIE architecture, it is very difficult to change, but this structure is actually Chinese and the United States have accepted model.

he believes that investors may be worried because some companies are changing the VIE architecture, the lack of communication with investors. He said, VIE architecture is an established fact, the two sides can actually be resolved through dialogue mechanism.

Xiong Xiaoge said, this is actually a legal issue. China and the United States can conduct a special discussion on the issue of VIE through dialogue mechanism. If the law, can reduce a lot of instability."

day before, because the New Oriental VIE architecture changes by the United States Commission survey, many Chinese stocks also fell a sound. In addition to

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