Pulsation some matters needing attention in the operation of the new system

new code launch note:

1, the new code must be placed in the new system registration site advertising. During the operation of the old system, with the A part of the membership station registered as a member, and in B, C, D and other stations put its advertising code, and B, C, D station and not in pulse system for registration, then, the situation in the new system, B, C, D stations are not normal operation of advertising only B, C, D registration, the station to operate.

2, the meaning of the "certification status" of domain name management. Although the new system must be registered on the site can be thrown, but in order to allow new members to thoroughly understand this requirement, try to reduce unnecessary operation, so the use of the certification process state, completely secures the domain name attribute, and not by other website registration.

3, advertising code is not allowed to play in the iframe framework. According to a series of advertising survey, many cheating many with the help of iframe and click on the brush flow, in order to ensure the delivery is more fair and reasonable, the new system allows directly into the page code, or by calling JS playback. JS call method, see ad code page (recently released).

4, due to the new program just on the line, there are other unreasonable places, please members to us, we will humbly accept and modify. Thank you for your understanding and support.

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