On the road to find are struggling to make friends

Hello! My name is Xiao Mo, from Henan Province, an obscure college, know Wangzhuan is the summer holidays this year, also heard before Wangzhuan, but it is thought that the higher the most probably it did not actually happen is not a lot of money is a very good technical people. Now think of it is really very funny, but I believe that there must be a lot of people have this idea, wake up! Everyone is equal before Wangzhuan,


is now in real life to find jobs and earn money how difficult we must have to understand, take our students. Usually want to help the family to reduce the burden on the point to do a part-time job, but go out to look, how much money every 7 – 8 hours, 20 dollars, you do not dry, anyway. We are not anxious to find people. We have students from primary school to university also has a dozen years, but in the end has become a cheap labor force, it is quite sad ah. I was aware of this, so he decided to join in the Wangzhuan career, because this is my own choice so I will go to the end of


in the network world, although here is not so harmonious, but the people here all by myself, everyone believed that their ideals and beliefs, have a positive attitude, because this attitude is to do Wangzhuan is the most important, I just contact Wangzhuan when it is very clean, what don’t know! I remember the first time I saw "Wangzhuan net" is really very strange, so confidently into it, and is a registered mail, and Alipay launched papal…… everything… Finally fix, insist for a dozen days, gradually found that is not the case, whether it is how hard their own account, money growth is always so slow, and their Xinlimeidi are afraid of their own hard-earned money to finally take out, because I do is click on the foreign station, a lot of procedures do not understand, and finally did not insist on down.

I never give up Wangzhuan then I discovered the cause, Taobao found a lot of passengers, the expert is a monthly income of tens of thousands, so my heart, have passion to engage in Taobao, but wait until you really fit in, only to find that it is too difficult for a little common sense and network technology people do Taobao off, because I was even the most simple upload procedures are not. But I will never give up, I calm down to learn about the knowledge of the network, finally I met the webmaster nets, I learned a lot from above, which is the most important, if you want to make money, then the basic conditions of the network is: you must have one of their own web site. Because many of the projects are to do around the site, do Wangzhuan have their own website is the most basic conditions.

, from then on, I all around the site to learn, after a period of time, I built two site is a message: {a} Wangzhuan is: {it} Wangzhuan welcome to teach. Of course, the difficulty is essential, but what to do?

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