The existing mobile nternet business model three challenges blurred


Baidu CEO Robin Li


Yu Yongfu UC as chairman and CEO


Xing Xing Yue move before the former president of excellence CEO Unicorn game


Vice President Chen Hule Amoy

mobile Internet business model is not feasible

?There are concerns about the deposit

Robin Li emboldened practitioners

mobile Internet to make money? In the past two years, around the topic of industry rocking deduction bustling and lonely. But most practitioners believe that: Mobile Internet can make money, at least PC Internet advertising, gaming and e-commerce model is not possible. However, the industry one of the three giant Baidu CEO Robin Li has a lot of worries, and let the mobile Internet business model increasingly blurred: for

, or not?

three in the mobile Internet challenge

talk about mobile advertising:

liquidity is far lower PC

electronic media screen size is very important, PC era continues to increase the screen, advertising is valuable. But the phone screen is a lot smaller, if the ad, there is almost no space to put content. And the mobile Internet time is fragmented time, the value of advertising is not as big as the PC Internet, liquidity is also considered to be much lower than the PC internet. The phone was originally not as a medium, but as a communication tool, we use the fragmentation of time, is to get feedback immediately state. Now many people regard the mobile Internet as a new form of media, but the phone is still not suitable for the terminal of the general advertising.

talk about mobile games:

charging problem is not resolved

is currently in China, the game is a large source of revenue from the client game, the user can play up before they are willing to pay. On the phone, the user only a few fragments of time, must be a lightweight game. How to make money? A lot of people don’t know. The whole system inside the money issue is not resolved, even with the vast number of users. Although there are a lot of shops, iOS has some of the charges, like Android most are free. All this makes the mobile Internet era is facing great challenges to make money. Japan and other countries can not be copied to the Chinese market model, it is hard to say.

talk about mobile providers:

costs and benefits are contradictory

payment is a basic problem, in addition, many people say that the mobile Internet

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