The webmaster together suck Google blood

ha ha, don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about cheating or Hack or something like this, but that the use of Google to provide things, create a Google based website.

simply, is to use Google API to build a foundation, on this basis to join the special service, and then put the Google AdSense to create revenue model

: (A) features: Search + comments since the search is the search, you can search what, get feedback from the search service search results, right? So, why not add something up? I’m using the ideas of Web2.0, UGC, User Generate Content, users will comment on the content. A function is integrated into the search service. For example, you search " search results, " milk powder; out, you have to express their views, then you can be beside the comments box to input their own opinions, submit your comment, OK, was recorded, the next time, when someone to search for " " " " milk; milk safety problems; to " " powder; keywords led by content, your comment will appear next to search results, hehe… Feel a bit familiar? Yes, Baidu, Google The search service, is not the main advertising advertising in the search results right? So, I also practice the difference is that my service is a popular free service, you search, you publish your opinion, I got the flow, has been popular.

(B) profit point can have two methods, one is put up, let the webmaster own ad practices as I mentioned above, the webmaster can specify a keyword, then enter your own web site, and then submit the introduction, so, when someone keywords to search is the webmaster choice keywords, so webmaster ad will appear next to search results. For example, the webmaster website theme is the mobile phone information, then he can register a keyword is " " mobile phone; and so, when someone to search " " mobile phone; when his advertisement appears. This is a webmaster can service for a fee. But I do not intend to unified fee, I am ready to subdivide this service, that is, free of charge, to advertising, fees, will get more deeper.

another way is to put their own ads, ha ha, at present I have done so, that is what I said before, put the AdSense. welcome everyone to give directions: >

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