Zhou Hongyi learn to investors when the grindstone

financing is a key step in entrepreneurship. Many young entrepreneurs and friends poured heroic utterance, like in a clean manner. But when faced with aggressive investors, but it has become a boiled dumplings in the pot – mouth road (inverted) can not escape, will inevitably experience several financing failures. Some people will be discouraged. I have experienced this entrepreneurial stage, so over a person’s identity to give you some advice: to have a normal state of mind, Bao Jianfeng from sharpening out, to the investor’s torture, into their own grindstone.

investors are very strict, why not? Because they are rich, they feel very cow, is condescending. The reason is very simple, every entrepreneur feel that the project is very good, but in fact investors cast a project must pass this way out of your flaws. He wants to see a lot of problems with your project. If an investor to see you smiling, came up and said, "Hello extremely, you are a person, but the less you want to say hello to you. Really want to vote for you, will use a variety of sharp questions to ask you, because he would like to find ways to verify that this project in the end is not good?. Pick the goods will be able to buy goods, so I suggest that we should be treated with a normal state of mind.

investors are also investing in other investors. A nerve on the resistance of entrepreneurs, like a TV program in the candidates, like a little bit of a challenge, he fainted, there is no way to lead a good business. Because you will be in the real market in the future, the situation of the crisis and pressure than investors to torture much more. May not wages, the company may shut down tomorrow, there may be a giant to copy your products, you will face numerous challenges. If you can not be very strong, very strong, how can you succeed in business, why should investors put money to you?

a lot of people will be very sad to say, I met Sequoia investors today, went to IDG, but the results are said to be a meal, said my project is not. I think this attitude is actually very negative, you should see this as an important experience, rather than the result.

investors asked a lot of questions can not answer, that you have some places certainly did not expect. You think that is very clear, but it is not very organized to say that you do not want to clear. These experiences are an inspiration to you. You see 10 investors, the 9 refused to you is the norm. But you can challenge the challenges of these 9 investors to re polish your project, to re repair your products, re – modify your business model. So if you are lucky enough to see dozens of investors, even if they do not vote, you also get a huge harvest. So I often say that when investors can put the grindstone, put your sword sharp grinding business.


many people succeed, often said that he hadn’t written plan, and investors talk about the sentence, even in the elevator on the success of melt into the money, this is nonsense. That year I also

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