Be vigilant! Online transaction fraud

network fraud has become the main modus operandi of some fraudsters. The occurrence of such cases is difficult to prevent, especially Internet banking and telephone banking is a relatively new thing for most people is still relatively unfamiliar, some rules and procedures are not very clear, the suspect will take advantage of this people understood, the implementation of fraud. Hefei police in the fight against crime at the same time, I will inform the part of case and the surrounding areas to the public, to remind the general public vigilance, do not rely on the careful care of all unknown source or origin message, information related to the bank card, especially the card number and password, so as not to cause unnecessary losses. If you have been deceived, please report to the public security organs.

to online shopping in the name of the implementation of fraud, theft

online shopping in recent years is the rise of a sales approach, its advantage is that the sales process does not require the cost of the basic price is cheaper than regular channels. Therefore, the young people in the community has a great attraction. Thus, the emergence of a number of criminal gangs or criminals on the Internet, select the target victims through a variety of new tools and tricks, and await the implementation of infringement.

in 2006 the city’s public security organs to accept online shopping in the name of fraud, theft cases of more than 20.

from April 19, 2006 to 30, Hefei public Lee in Baohe District computer home online shopping website, is fraud 12040 yuan.

unsecured loans as bait to implement fraud

day, Shanghai continuous dozens of loans to help as bait, the use of online bank transfer mode of implementation of loan fraud cases. The suspect to unsecured loans as bait, mainly released lending information through the means of network and send text messages and local newspapers, when the victim to the loan, the victim is required to open a bank card, and the amount of loans in the memory card into a certain number, in its repayment ability, so as to achieve the purpose of fraud.

in February 9th this year, according to Zheng uncle saw in the newspapers loan advertisements to a man surnamed Wang, for a loan of 400 thousand yuan, the first man to deposit $100 thousand in a bank card, and the opening of online banking. 12, 3 pm, Zheng An the request of the other party to a bank, opened an online bank, and deposit 100 thousand yuan, 15 minutes after the check of the money on the card, that card is only 15 yuan, after the bank inquiry found that the money has been remitted electronic.

to invest overseas funds on the grounds of fraud

in February 13th this year, Hemou to Zhejiang Public Security Bureau report said, through the home Shumou in the domain of × × × × on the website of overseas investment fund cheated.

after investigation, the domain name is × × × × site physical address for the United states. Investor classics

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