Entrepreneurial chase animation dream Carl Rosendahl spent 20 years

: Carl Rosendahl, 1980 interview guests to create a film / animation company Pacific Data Image (PDI), the computer technology is far unable to achieve animation standard’s proposed "computer 3D animation movie" target. PDI early rely on the production of major U.S. television programs animated image began to become the first batch of animation companies in the United states. The end of 80s to the transformation of special effects film, animation film as the main business. In 2000 with the Dreamworks animation department merged to become PDI/Dreamworks, provide computer animation core technology, making the "ants", "Shrek" series, "Madagascar" and other well-known animated film. 2012, the Carl (Visual Effects Society) will be the founder Award (Founder Award) awarded to the. After his departure from the Ministry of education,, Carnegie Mellon University, currently open Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) entrepreneurship courses.

in 1980, Carl, 23, graduated from the Department of electrical engineering, Standford, in the computer has not yet become a subject at the time, he wanted to become the first person to use computer animated feature film Rosendahl. He used his father’s $more than 20 thousand funded the establishment of the company, because it does not have sufficient funds to make computer animated titles can only do accumulation technology for television. In 1995, Pixar’s "Toy Story" in advance to achieve his dream, with great success, Carl can only catch up. With 15 years of careful management, the company with zero debt and profit expansion on its own success, in cooperation with the departments to set up a Dreamworks animation studio. Relying on the core technology of animation company, studio for a global audience giving many animated film, "Shrek" is one of them. I was in Silicon Valley on the Carl interview, in the interview, Carl from investors, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship education angle, based on his own experiences, and describe the prospect of entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley yesterday, today and in the future.

asked: your goal is to start a production of computer animation, but it was not until 15 years after the company was founded to start making the first animated film "Antz" ("Antz"), 20 years after the "Shrek". Why did it take so long?

Carl: I graduated from Stanford University in 1980 after the establishment of the PDI. I really like animation and film production, but also love technology, so I was studying electrical engineering, because then there is not even a computer professional. The idea of using a computer to make an image, or even an animated image, was a new idea at the time, but it was impossible to do so in 1980. There was no software available at that time