Two GG cheating was K experience

make money in many people seem to be a lie, I have such a view. I am a computer haven’t graduated from secondary school students, because his family was poor in 2004 dropped out of school to work in Guangdong, perhaps I am sociable or other… After dropping out of school and my teacher often contact..

a chance in 2005 my teacher told me that the network can make money, said he can now earn more than 1 thousand a month online, coupled with his teaching salary of one month’s income of less than 3000 I heard a silly. After a lot of questioning, he told me he was doing GG, GG? I didn’t know what GG was. Then I myself on the Internet search on the GG keyword, I found a lot of halo also from the first, I began to see, finally understand. Apply for a GG number.

later work more busy forget…..

really started in 2007. The beginning is not how good a genius 0.5 knife is too little, so I find I ask the teacher he told me to do English stand off, I put my own station as an adult by English page. Then in the QQ chat room with MM identity and color GG chat. Finally, let him look at my photos and send him my website. Such a day to earn 10 knives is no problem. There is their own point of brush IP.

February 2008 to be able to get the money… The first more than and 800 RMB. Not… But… Still very confident…… so I increased the own. Seeing it through the good times don’t last long $100 when I was GG K…..

GG has a new policy and apply a… Put on advertising. His point of time was K and I lost hope. Do not do GG. GG is no longer the cradle of my money. Literary talent is not good please don’t hit a brick! This is from to

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