GGAD skills advertising optimization custom channels

for URL channels, we may be more familiar with, when you have multiple sites, URL channel can track the performance of different sites. For custom channels, some people may not be familiar with.

custom channels have two main functions: first, to assess the current advertising configuration; second, the promotion of the site to attract advertisers. Here we will introduce one by one.

1 Evaluation of the current advertising configuration


as above, when you put different ad units in different "position, through custom channels, you can track each ad unit, through analysis and comparison of the tracking data, you can further adjust your site and optimization.

2 marketing website to attract advertisers

in a custom channel, you can also set up a "customizable custom channels" to advertisers to sell your site, so as to get more site positioning advertising. You can customize the channel positioning detailed description of the ad unit, and open to advertisers, advertisers will see such detailed information websites and advertising you in their account, and then put on the web site to your web site advertising positioning.

The following figure of

is a customizable set of custom channels:


in the account and click "AdSense settings" tab, enter the "channel" plate, right click on the corresponding channel "to modify the settings into the channel edit page, you can set a custom channel positioning. There are several important points in the setup process:

first of all, clear "external name" is very important, advertisers can clearly know the name of the page in which the ad appears, appear in the web site, and advertising format. You can set the external name by setting the two options of "advertising display" and "advertising location".

secondly, be sure to check "as an advertising layout to advertisers to show this channel" check box, so you can be configured to be seen by advertisers.

in addition, the name of the channel is also very important, clear name can facilitate the management of multiple channels.

The last and most important point of

is to "explain" the objective and accurate marketing of your website. It is very important to attract advertisers more targeted on your website. The introduction of general channels to include the site or channel theme, browse, user information, etc..

Once you have completed the above settings, you will see all of your configuration in the advertiser’s account when they search for your site or related topics:

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