What is true for your personal point of view

because I set up a 9azz network to make money blogging, a lot of friends on the Internet recently and I QQ ask me whether Wangzhuan is really? This problem really, I is not a good answer, that is true, but now those disgusting Wangzhuan online it’s really hard for me to say. But in fact, there are only Wangzhuan, everyone is difficult to touch the real Wangzhuan only, many European and American people quit their job and make money on the web, you might say, don’t always take foreign matter, or that I say those who master Wangzhuan home, my personal estimate, to my station is a few people Wangzhuan members, but I really hope that we can become higher family members, a member of only 2.5 yuan, drink a few bottles of Coca Cola, but you learn knowledge Knowledge is far greater than that of 2.5 yuan, higher in home, whether it is to do lead or do regular sales, a lot of people still have a lot of dollars, in 2000 when the hydrostatic Wangzhuan tutorial probably sold to thousands of dollars, there are a lot of people do not believe, believe that people of course too. The people who pay the tuition to earn a lot of dollars, I said this crap mean that is really higher, but all contact is false, many people hold on the income of 500 yuan to join the so-called ideological Wangzhuan training, so you think you have a day in the network industry 500 such a base, we know that making money on the network resources, you have mastered certain resources, you can enter into the 500 day, but you ask yourself, how to play English? Flow? What would you want to date, 500, that you I think it’s possible.

here I don’t say those senior Wangzhuan, only said a simple click and hang up some Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, I know a lot of people every day to find some what click Wangzhuan site, and then click to register an account, a few cents a day, for such people, I have what I think is not out the garbage cans, the society created you, mean to think the problem with your head, not to say that you head to the wall, the question is very simple, find a few people to spend money on top of cooperation as a software or scripts can be together well, what did you do not understand it! Sometimes I will understand that a few hours a day, hang machine that is interesting to you? See a better project, do not rush to the operation, you think first, there is no simple way to make work easier Relaxed。 I added a 2 Click Wangzhuan group, one of which is a commissionable station built, every day outside in the group is about certain rebate zero a few cents today, I thought about this group, money is only a webmaster people only, there is a group of in the group discussion, are software linked to click on the station, a station in the N click on the hanging, income according to a station about a month, everyone can hang 30 dollars I know, of course, this group is conditional, here we will not discuss its condition, I want to say is to do things with your mind. Earn 500 yuan only charge you 200 yuan this course you dare to believe, do not cheat you cheat.