ntroduction to the common problems of network advertising alliance

what is the advertising alliance?

advertisers according to the actual effect of online advertising (such as sales, guide etc.) to site owners to pay reasonable advertising costs, save marketing expenses, improve the quality of marketing. Web site owners through the advertising alliance platform to choose the right advertising products and advertisers to increase revenue through advertising, while saving a large number of online advertising sales costs, easy to turn the site into revenue.

Tianjiao advertising platform for website owners to provide advertisers the sale of goods, such as membership registration effect and trusted third party access tracking, real-time reporting system, commissions, marketing and other services also include value-added services, network marketing consulting, planning, creative, advertising, effect monitoring a wide range of.

what is online advertising?

and the traditional newspaper, magazines, TV, radio and outdoor advertising and advertising) compared to the popular recently, Internet advertising is richly endowed by nature advantages, is an important part of the implementation of the marketing strategy of modern media. Internet is a brand new advertising media, the fastest effect is ideal, for a wide range of international business companies are so.

What is the role of

online advertising?
as Internet advertising form diversification and banner wide >