Do stand before school life is not accidental should not blindly do Wangzhuan station

now many webmaster webmaster to join industry is to do Wangzhuan, I can only say that you are very clever, you have found the most money in this pluralistic society in the industry, but I have to tell that this industry is not good to make money.

I’m not very good at writing, will not tell you how to do traffic, only hope you have read what I write, can feel how to improve the method of flow. What others say is false, only found, that is true.

site is a commodity, so you can see yourself as a waiter, how to serve your users?

I just do stand, because often look at the statistics, often by some predecessors despise, ha ha. Later, I told my predecessors, early in my website tracking users, each flow is very important, I want to retain my users and communicate with them, and they want to be friends. However, I am very lazy, to the more traffic, the user can not track, there is No.

so before you stand, you must be ready to be a full-time waiter, no matter how demanding your users are, he is right. Your users are demanding that you want your site to grow up.

I did not have much time to enter the station, but I found some interesting things, do not want to make money often earn the webmaster, who want to make money in the complaints of the owners to give up. This is a common phenomenon. It’s hard to hold on.

because I can’t write procedures, the hands of only a few professional designer certification, due to the program will not, so there has been no replacement of the program, and I also firmly believe that the important thing is not absolutely my website content and quality, content and quality is one of the factors affecting the network station. If I was Bill Gates, even if it is just a simple message, I believe that the flow is not bad where to go. In fact, many predecessors have said, to make friends, but a lot of older people do not tell why social. The simple reason is to show yourself, the important thing or you. They love their sister lotus, although nausea, but she does create wealth.

twenty-first Century today, even if you do not go out, you can also communicate with the world, so do not tell me no one to make friends with you.


website is not only goods, he is our friend, just need a sword swordsman, often accompany the website is the webmaster tool around us, too many years spent on his energy, there is no reason why a to DEL him, if someone today tell me he spent energy but did not return, the best give yourself a slap in the face, in order to get up. Because of your hard work is not worth mentioning.

called effort: that is, one day after the other 10 things done. It took another 10 years to do one thing