Ali mother earn so simple

QQ online a lot of space each step on the league, I took a look at not know what, until a few days ago himself wrote a step on this but I also increased the mutual brush. It and what is the relationship between Ali and her mother. I slowly say.

each step is provided to each step the union was playing QQ increasing popular QQ space, I would like to QQ space can increase the popularity, the popular website can also increase. And I took the snacks each step the program again changed, and then brush in space but also under my brush the website.

cases with web traffic to sell advertisement of the mom, we can think about selling advertising 1000IP in the mother is about 5 yuan a week. If you put 6 ads on a page. It becomes 30 yuan a week. A website you have an average of 8 columns each column 6 48. Is the advertising advertising. Every week 5 yuan.48 a week is 240 a month is 960 we just say that only 1000 members. Oh. Imagine if there are thousands of members, will be how much. And you need to do is to give you the site collection on the line, Baidu never mind how many also confiscated, not advertising also never mind.

advertising, I’m willing to brush this station to a large number of mutual friends to join together, we return to brush. In this paper, feeds