From 2007 where is the way out

  I’m not afraid of you. I’m the poorest person in a personal station. From the beginning of 2004 to do stand, then can not say do not stand it. Every day on the Internet is not less than 8 hours, did not earn a penny. It’s a shame to say it! Don’t you know if you have this experience?

to make this year in February, was really out of the free personal home page (at that time in the webmaster nets see a free home page can also monthly income over ten thousand, don’t know is not bragging. Maybe I have little talent and less learning did not see,!) is China renamed to our poor webmaster such a chance, a piece of a domain name, I also get a note, because no money to buy space, but they do not want to give up their own do dreams, passions and dreams to yourself when the time the beggar, finally get a little PHP space in Witkey home. So webmaster career pace.

is also the same as usual, on the PHP program (I heard that the PHP program is simple, large functions, service and enthusiasm on the election of the PHP open source program After a number of investigations, and the exchange of friends, the site will be set. The collection and dissemination of force to the customs around. I do not know whether this road is wrong, so blind all day ten hours online line, find data, write content. Because many places have never heard of, let alone understand the local customs. There is no way to send emails to them for advice to all your classmates and friends only. Hope they offer some help.

, however, did not expect that, more than a month down, reply to a few. There is only a little superficial reply. At this time I know, a person’s strength is very limited. A lot of time to be insufficient. In desperation, think of a way to spend money to buy everyone’s resources. However, they have been is extremely poor, can only bite the bullet, out of a month’s breakfast money 90 out (do not know, you do not like me sorry Oh, you have more support). Once again to my classmates, friends and colleagues that award, is a range of subjects across the customs. Prizes have to do their own craft, also from the stall to buy back a small jewelry. A month later, I received more than and 70 valid data. (hey, this life really is more realistic, no reward things want to do well, a word, difficult.) In this way, let me a month of breakfast in exchange for friends to my support and attention, I also said that the value of their own.

with the time I pushed one, the site grew rich day by day. Looking at the crystallization of their hard work. Do not mention how happy heart. Look at the statistics, 5 independent IP, PV 20 is really happy to faint. And then a little bit to find. Even the amount of 4/3 is from my hand. How to do it? Do not understand the promotion of new people, want to do their own traffic up. How would you go blind, want to cry?? a saint to use something a commonplace talk of an old scholar login search engine, >