Pictures can also be profitable to operate properly

this site looks wonderful, tired to do, in fact, nothing. Moreover, the main engine to make money is not recognized, is a marginal thing. However, it also has a good side.

picture website development advantage lies in:

1 editing and finishing is very simple, mainly rely on pictures to speak, the quality of the picture, and the number of classification is more simple to identify.

2 web site is easy to be popularized, more netizens love pictures website, in addition to the image watermark, are easy to spread on the map.

picture website note:

1 how to put an end to pornography, sexy pictures how to grasp the degree of art and reality

2 requires a lot of server resources and bandwidth resources.

3 need some security chain skills.

4 needs to be updated regularly.

5 promotion flow skills

pictures website shortcuts experience

1 SEO approach, the promotion of the image site, can not be separated from seo

2 forum promotional techniques, raiders.

3 image. search breakthrough

4 picture website profitability, binding SP, Google adsense

5 swap chain, such as the use of

6 go deep into the image of the website development realm

a dead reason is:

or naked, or funny, plus playing playing watermark, watermark, watermark watermark play, play…

editor comments: the last sentence is very classic

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