mprove the credibility of Taobao passenger website easy to earn thousands of dollars

haven’t Admin5 on the site, optimization of construction, has been busy with work and my Taobao guest website, through their own efforts, their own Taobao guest website also began to have income, monthly income of more than 1000 yuan, is to share their experience in website optimization, earn thousands of Yuan relaxed month.

My Taobao

guest Promotion Station opened also have several months, the beginning is no traffic and no Baidu included, of course there is no commission income (the Taobao here first statement, I am not in the other blogs, forums and other ways of Taobao promotion, the commission income comes from Taobao the ancient Tao rebate network). Later, through their own site optimization, Baidu gradually began to include my site, but also brought me traffic. It was quite happy, because of traffic around 1000IP every day, always want to have a person to buy Taobao goods, over a period of time after the discovery, I was in the day dreaming through my website, rarely buy Taobao goods. The following show me a December deal before the optimization of Taobao. In December, after all I was 23 promotion items, of which there are many is to buy my own goods, average daily turnover is about 0.5 pieces per day.

at this time I understand, do Taobao guest website is not good to do. You think so good, why go to the Taobao buyers to buy Taobao products from our station, rather than directly by Taobao to buy? Let them do that we can stand, and give them a sense of security? Maybe you will think back now to buy Taobao home to attract certain concessions to them, but this effect is very little, so I did not come through this platform, to return my back now.

that how can we improve the volume, the true flow of traffic for Taobao commission? I thought about it, improve the credibility of the site is the way out. How can we do it? I’ve been in every Taobao product page added "all Taobao products are derived from, please rest assured to buy" and other words, but this is not enough, still cannot convince them of the. So I’m on each page is embedded in this product Taobao page (using iframe nested), that we should all be right, is not introduced, but also increased the number of auxiliary work, thereby greatly increasing the "credibility and Taobao goods click rate. Take a look at my discount after February Taobao volume.

is not difficult to find, I turnover in February has increased dramatically, but also more than a thousand dollars of orders, such as selling out a $5600 laptop, these shows, increase your credibility is very important to do this, the month earns 1000 yuan is not a dream.

by the way, why didn’t I mention Baidu here?. Because Taobao blocked Baidu spider, so Baidu can search our guest these Taobao Taobao and Taobao is certainly not the commodity in the front row, so we don’t have other search engines to help the website, and >

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