Two years say to the novice Wangzhuan Wangzhuan inside

I tell you, I do Wangzhuan for almost two years, what kind of projects have encountered, tried, fooled, cheated. Get to know some insider wangzhuan.

a lot of new people and I later asked me how to make money?.

sometimes really want to help those who entered the community Wangzhuan novice, I understand your mood. But many Wangzhuan old man like me, you face some naive question about really helpless, we also have the time cost of these old people. You ask once, you ask more, that means I’m taking you.

really, a person’s time is limited, you want to make money and do not want to invest. Sometimes the novice ask more, I would say you give me some trouble, not really to you for money, others took a few years Wangzhuan experience to tell you, you said just want to take off?. Could you help? Once, you ask more, education fees are not to the point, you have problems. So many of our old man is no longer reasonable for these new couples do not understand, sometimes slightly veiled criticism.

please do not necessarily understand:

1 experience valuable, others tell you that you are blessed not money, money is very normal.

2 do not think a lot of time to do Wangzhuan day to earn a few hundred, tell you a small chance.

3 some old people ask you for some consulting fees just ranging from 100-300, than you go to the training team much cheaper wangzhuan. Where asking price is either 500-600 or thousands of thousands, but also team training, you have to know that these elderly but one to one service you ah.

some people and I said, I have the money, I’ll give you a consulting fee for such a friend, I can only say to you 88, this is not a sleight of hand, is in need of investment, you lose money is normal, money is your good fortune.

finally say something, Wangzhuan not deceptive mentality to correct.

this is the article I contact 3 similar people and combined with some of the new station to write, inevitably some wrong place also please forgive me


this article published 20 days after the University of

we can see the voices of friends, today I’ll give you a new look

if you want to achieve in a short period of time a day to earn a few hundred dollars, if you are a professional computer network I say you are possible, but if you only know I will chat will send an email to watch movies and other simple network knowledge, so I can give you a conclusion: 1-2 years you earn dream will not a few hundred dollars, in other words almost impossible.

industry is the need to invest in Wangzhuan like, some >

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