English vocabulary of foreign advertising alliance

believe that station comrades joined the most advertising alliance, but most of them are still doing it. But some of the domestic good alliance is abroad. The station are also poor can only know half a English words. I also included. So in order to do foreign alliance webmaster provide a point practical data hard. I collected from every corner of a few words over. For your reference. I want the reward is able to send out in the webmaster online, and can give me a new www.52vg.net chain. I will do.

CPC (Cost thousand Click): click on the cost of thousands of online advertising every click of a thousand times the advertising costs


where can send check: we check send address


agreement: protocol,

instant cash (paid sign-up): register to make money

impression: put the number of pages visited by the number of times

check stats: view gains cheat link: spoofing link


web category: site category accountinfo: account information

update: update application: application

end Paid Links: end payment link


category: class logo out: exit system

login name: username characters: character

confirm: confirm create an account: to apply for a new account

check: check minimum payment: minimum payment

security question: retrieve password problem

counter: counter submit registration: submit

site category: site category web site description: page description

web address: site address withdraw: application to pay

become amember: to become a member of access your account: login personal account

annual lncome: revenue summary: Abstract


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