Car home to Qin Founder needs CEO

Li Xiang is grass roots, Qin is the returnees elite;

Li Xiang is the founder, Qin is airborne executives;

Li Xiang was the boss, Qin is now the boss".

everyone in the era of Founder, two men from the car home of the difference between the age of more than and 10 years, the interpretation of a period of incredible love".

Qin said, the car home this site is not my product,

but the car house is my product."

founder needs CEO

everyone is Founder, but the most missing is CEO. Qin Zhi, car home thirty-eighth employees, is now CEO.

he said, car home is not my product, but my company.



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if no accident, car home will be within a year may be listed as a real "one billion dollar company": it has become the world’s most visited automotive website; nearly 1 billion yuan in revenue last year. And one of the industry to venture capital, said it has more than two years in the past two years, the profits of a Wall Street landing China Internet Corporation.

this is Qin in 2006 will not think of how. At that time, the returnees elite in Cai Wensheng’s do COO. One day, he noticed that the appeared in the "cool" bar called the car home site, do not how to do promotion, traffic is still very low, although it and have a common investor, Xue manzi.

car home is Li Xiang launched in 2005 of the second sites. Prior to this, his bubble network has done 5 years, barely into the industry before the top three. Just started to do the car home, Li Xiang talked to Zhou Hongyi. Zhou Hongyi poured a pot of cold water to Li Xiang: bubble network for so many years, you ranked third in the industry. So, you have to put the car home made Chinese first in the short term, it is the lack of sufficient compelling drama.

at that time, even if the environment for any one person, it is impossible for Li Xiang and his car home fantasy. At that time the car home only 20 people, until the first half of 2007, but its revenue of $about 1000000. At that time, the industry humble website, in addition to the face of the three major portals to the influence of the brand resources have obvious advantages of the auto channel eroded, in vertical portals and competition on the hands of the Pacific, BITAUTO, etc. love card is horizontal in front of it can not be overlooked forces.

grassroots, young, driven by interest, these natural characteristics of the achievements of Li Xiang, the well-known entrepreneurs after 80 image. But he doesn’t just want to do

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