How to treat the huge Dailian industry

recently, a British study at University of Manchester showed that in developing countries, there are about 500 thousand people through the sale of virtual goods online game player to make money, this is called "make money online" industry is booming. The Chinese market accounted for 80% of the industry, employing full-time players about $400 thousand, the average monthly income of $145. Although the game company to crack down on virtual goods trading behavior, but the industry is still in the ascendant.

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wrote the Research Report of the University of Manchester professor Richard · Hercules (Richard Heeks) believes that in many developing countries, make money online games has become an important economic industry. He wrote in the article, I was the first to realize that online games can make money from the time I started playing the game, but I think it is only a family of industrial economic model. In a sense, this is true. But now it is no longer a few sporadic family workshop, but tens of thousands of."

reality is that many of the online games virtual currency is very scarce, so many amateur players from the seller, including the players, including the purchase of virtual currency, in exchange for better equipment, weapons, etc.. In addition, a number of full-time players also provide generation upgrade service, which is paid for the rapid escalation of amateur players.

Hercules believes that online games make money industry specific data scale is also difficult to get. But he hinted in the text, in 2008, the industry employs about 400 thousand people, with an average income of $145 per person, the global market size of about $500 million. But he also pointed out that due to the scale of the industry is difficult to assess, so its size may be doubled its estimate.

most of the activities of online games and online games to make money, the seller set up a collection of virtual currency, goods and other sales, buyers buy virtual currency, or shared account, and all of these are prohibited by the online games company. If a game player is found because in the above activities, so his account of the game may be closed, and no play the game.

Hercules in the report pointed out that online games make money industry scale and India’s outsourcing industry comparable. He said in the text, "the number of employees in India outsourcing industry in 2004 is about 400 thousand people, may now be close to 900 thousand people, without considering the profit factors under the conditions of the two industries in the number of employees have a fight.". At the same time, he believes that as people work on the network and the leisure time more and more long, known as a "virtual offshore service" (virtual offshoring) model will become more and more popular, and the net swims the money is a prototype of this service model.

online games to make money: cash tool

Steven · (Steven Davis) is the chief executive officer of online games security firm Secure Play, he recognized

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