Google free promotional activities to benefit nearly half a million people

  as the largest e-commerce software and service provider’s ShopEx, B2C independent online shop platform "I shop" (, since July 27th, together with Google to push independent online shop, just half a month, the benefit of the owner has more than 8000 people, and is still increasing at the speed of more than a thousand people every day this, from another level reflects the desire for the promotion of independent shop owner.

my shop, the country’s first to provide late promotion service provider

it is understood that the current domestic B2C shop service provider service is a superb collection of beautiful things, form is not the same, but 80% of the online service providers, only provide a platform or system for popularizing. Follow-Up Services most important, at present only "I shop" this one, this time in cooperation with Google is also is eager for more than 20 members by.

activity day touted

according to the "I shop operators revealed that the start day, by phone, instant messaging and various channels for the forum of nine hundred people nearby, and a lot of the most frequently asked a word that is, really free to send 350 yuan promotion fee, is not what conditions ah, when the shop owner that is as long as I shop" members, and meet the requirements of Google, without any cost, can obtain the promotion expenses, many shop owners are unable to restrain the emotions said that you (my shop) a good thing to do, really good, thank you, this also reflects the majority of owners desire his promotion to the shop to a what extent, as "I shop staff, to see so many shopkeepers to support this event, this is also more determined to continue to provide value for customers Service determination.

free promotion, so easy to open shop


activity has held more than half a month, but "I shop customer service staff have received from all over the country independent shop owner’s phone, many shopkeepers said on the phone that he had just started to do is just try holding the attitude, after all, their own shop for three or four months, only sporadic business, so the beginning of the Google promotion activities did not hold too much hope, but when I do the promotion after a few days, began to have people to consult, excited my tears are left behind, there are many shop owner for half a year, because they do not understand, so one was not, in the use of" my shop "free Google keyword marketing, finally opened his own shop, and every day more and more people come to consult, even some shopkeepers joked, suddenly the You are busy, I really do not get used to it!

shop revenue increased by 50%

, of course, for those who understand the shop operations, and business owner, help the activity of them is even more significant, many shopkeepers through this event, their daily operating water increased by nearly 50%, and many owners reflect, before the search engine.

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