Three way home O2O when the two sold nouveau riche closed early

A round of financing tens of millions of dollars to sell 58 home Manicure toot. Expected, reasonable!

frankly, just as the original bubble burst, like the United States, the development curve of the United States industry, 2014 is the time to see him from Zhu Lou, seeing his banquet guests, in 2015, he saw the collapse of the building".

can support the number of Internet Unicorn companies, depending on how much market capacity. The analogy is the total market of the group purchase group purchase market, a conservative estimate there are tens of trillions of Bimei industry mostly. 2011 and 2012 to buy the most fiery, China several thousand buy site, but in the past four or five years, live well and days can go on but the four or five. The beauty industry hundreds of billions of market, so the future, provide on-site service in the future O2O beauty industry field, in the end can have several live?!


in the whole group purchase field, survive and live well and do not rely on the godfather, also a U.S. group and the public comment with new high. The other, Baidu backed rice, backed by Ali Juhuasuan, are holding the godfather of the thigh.

such an analogy, in the United States before the arrival of the industry in the wave of the influx of three ways, is not very clear?

one, when big brother

live in the field of the taxi is a bit fast, in the field of buying the final winner is a bit fast, without exception, are the industry leader in the field of the United States in the same industry.

in the home beauty industry, in fact, Manicure Dudu was rich handsome, a round of financing to get the Sequoia Capital and capital source of tens of millions of dollars in investment, but since the line so far, has been to the beauty industry boss beaver home pressing, and both sides of the growing gap between.

so, when the two emboldened come from


1, understand the user, understand the industry

The founder of

Manicure Dudu is the 7 science and technology guide, and a beaver who carved Lord, so many years have been doing is a woman’s business, whether it is the first AFU oil or Manicure, beauty, beauty, understanding of women is bestie level, may be a better understanding of women than women, women cheat customers rich experience.

understand the user, in order to understand the industry, another mistake is made Manicure toot, toot Manicure team has always believed that Manicure is the standardization of services, in fact, all involving aesthetic services are very subjective non-standard services, especially to the perceptual full of women! For users and industry understand the mistake that means that all subsequent tactics will not be correct.

2, service experience and richness

service is good depends on two factors, the first online service, technology is not enough professional, second, the number of craft amount is enough, the beaver house >

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