Jingdong to take the route Gome online hand Darunfa flying cow network

news July 26th, last month after Jingdong teamed up with WAL-MART, Gome online and Darunfa flying cow network today officially announced a strategic partnership, the two sides will share supply chain and flow, and open up the back office system.

according to the content of cooperation, in the first stage, Gome online and the flying cow network will open up backstage order system and data system, flying cow network will be online in the United States and opened the supermarket business channel (Flying Cow preferred), while the United States online home appliance products will be settled across the flying cow network appliance channel.

it is reported that the flying cow network settled, the United States will bring the department store online 9 categories in the classification of the brand, the United States online department store class SKU add about one hundred thousand.

In addition,

platform settled in the second stage category complementary, cooperation, the two sides will establish a diversion mechanism, by carrying out multi-dimensional cross promotional activities, put together a bigger flow platform, and real-time sharing.

Gome online relevant responsible person said, the two sides share the data flow based on multi dimension, can further improve the user portrait, realize the perception in advance of users living in multiple areas of demand, so as to timely response to customer needs.

analysis of the industry, the United States and the United States and the combination of flying cow network, in essence, the main content of the high price and low frequency category with the fresh food department as the main content of the low frequency high class complementary. Gome online CEO Li Juntao is put forward, the line of complementary, consumers purchase channels have become the norm, Gome online brand positioning is the new "Gome online, more than home appliances", the future, the United States online will create categories and one-stop business ecology.

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