Peking University Master sell Rice noodles don’t take the nternet thinking that

May, Beijing CBD district office buildings of the basement, at 12:30, Zhang Tianyi shop barberry church Rice noodles with a "sold out" sign. This is a few days after the hot sales Zhang Tianyi and several partners set the bottom line, but also between the amount and quality of their choice. Newspaper reporter Zheng Pingping photo

Zhang Tianyi, director of the third home has entered the site selection procedures. Zhang Tianyi in April this year in Beijing, a China World Trade Center office building basement opened a 30 square meters of the Rice noodles store barberry church, he wrote "my master, why sell Rice noodles" was widely disseminated on the Internet, barberry church so much attention, is known as the "Internet thinking to do Rice noodles shop". April 28th, the newspaper had to master of Peking University: rice shop looking for a different life in the title reported his unexpected career choice, and continued to focus on the 90 entrepreneurs.

currently, Zhang Tianyi selected locations for third store in busy. He told the China Youth Daily reporter, after the two stores have been on the right track, every store can sell more than and 200 bowls of rice noodles every day, the daily turnover of more than $4000 in Hunan. Now, his daily life is seven or eight a.m., to store the whole day, the middle of the night to go home, he said Rice noodles shop can at the pace of expansion, but is "up".

Don’t use the Internet thinking that thing

a lot of people say that Niu Niu Tang is an Internet thinking rice noodle shop, for this argument, I have only two words to respond, huh, huh. We are selling rice noodles, and finally eat a bowl of rice flour. So to clarify, we are a very traditional rice noodle shop, although today, such an Internet platform to speak, but not really with the Internet relationship.

but as a group in the Internet era of young entrepreneurs engaged in traditional industries, the Internet brings us in the end there is no change? I couldn’t deny that, the Internet is indeed have an impact on our business, but only limited to three points:

first, with the Internet to attract people. We have only 100 thousand yuan, $100 thousand in Beijing to find a decent place to engage in decoration, engage in style, is basically impossible. To find the last corner of the basement of the global financial center, a place no one dared to pick up. But we look at the music, and this is what we want, the first class, ten flow position. We believe that the Internet can bring us a stream of people, so happy to choose here.

second, with the Internet to find consumers. Hunan rice noodles in the past 100 years, have not opened the market in Beijing, because it is too hot and spicy, not the north of the dishes. Today, there are a lot of people who give us advice, say your rice is too hot, too oil, and so on, but my rice is still so hot oil. Because I know clearly, in this Internet era, I can accurately find Beijing about 300 thousand ~ 400 thousand accepted >

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