Le bee network abandoned platform to chase after the purchase of the transfiguration beauty vip com

vip.com flash purchase mode has become the object of electricity supplier companies sought after. Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters yesterday found that after the platform has been seeking to transform the music bee network, but also began to abandon the platform to chase flash purchase. Business analysis from North Institute believes that the flash purchase mode has fast clear inventory, cheap attract popularity and other advantages. However, along with the flash purchase mode homogenization of the competition situation, music bee network transformation flash purchase model can break the time to be tested.

Valentine’s day last year, vip.com to $112 million 500 thousand acquisition of high-profile music bee network of 75% stake, becoming the largest shareholder of Le bee network. Since then, Le bee network CEO away, the core team have left, Le bee network platform transformation plan aborted. According to the Beijing Daily reporter, after the acquisition of nearly half a year, lefeng.com platform began to change the business model, business focus on beauty, baby food, health care products, including clothing, bags and other products have the shelf. It is worth noting that the new version of Lasafo launch a separate sale channel, the main push beauty series commodity sale. Some analysts believe that the acquisition of the lefeng.com push the limited sale of business with vip.com "genes" are not unrelated.

Experts from North

Institute for business analysis said, because the domestic deep flash sales model backed by years of vip.com, Lasafo transformation flash mode more experience advantage, while vip.com’s identity of the listed company can also maximize the funding level of Lasafo support.

industry insiders said that how to compete in the beauty industry is a breakthrough in the field of music bee network to face the problem. In addition to competition from jumei.com, Tmall, Jingdong and other electricity providers giant beauty business will also be an important competitor lefeng.com transformation way. In addition, every day network and other professional beauty business platform, cross-border electricity supplier as well as traditional retail brands in the United States, will become Le bee network turned beauty vip.com to face competitors.

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