Open a good shop will do 8 things

you may be in the open shop every day, but what do you do every day in the confrontation to do what? If you can insist on doing these every day, open shop is completely no problem.

1, in the morning (half a little time to adjust the form, ready to go to work)

to do with Taobao to work to serve, cannot say how good morning business can be a little bit late, such a short duration of time will develop a habit of sleep. Even if there is a single you do not want to get up. If you form also is not very good, is it! Good work style and task position is the premise of good business, I get up at eight o’clock every day! As the saying goes, the morning birds eat worms! Although the morning’s business is not good, but this is not absolute. On the contrary, the morning so much the industry has not start business, competition is relatively a little less ah, still some business, just how much less just, but also to seize ah, even if there is no business to do Never mind you, do what is Taobao’s missing, the demand is what you know is the time?.

2, straighten up my company (please spend an hour here)

spend at least half an hour every day to reflect on my shop, take a look, look, look at what are the lack of business, and what needs to be corrected using the window is not full. Not to push it over, is not there to put it on the shelves of treasure, go up, there is no leakage lost no delivery and can not take payment of the buyer, automatically destroy a family. There are waiting for the evaluation, product vertex to comment on it, these tasks seem to be very small, and so busy when you will give you a burden to reduce the time to not panic

3, multi stroll, see more, more forward (at least one hour of time)

spent a day at least 1.5 hours to look at the Taobao community, learning, exchange experiences, to reply to Amoy friends of the post, the essence is how people learn to write out, refer to the reference, in the community what motion must be immediately to participate in, is the primary promoter of your firm popularity has been tempered, this man ah, just a well-known, which is not the same! What will you find merit.. Ha ha

4, the same industry to learn to take fine (one hour of time)

see more trade names, see how they do, for my firm do, should adjust the

response time and find out the lack of the local store

5, write the original essence posts a master hand’s first small display (2.5 hours)

every day the best confrontation at least an original post. Not much, but must be refined. Write does not add is not your fault, nor your post quality can not be, but how the essence of post quota is limited, this is not chosen you, you only need to concentrate on, insist to write, the next time will turn to you! The essence to bring traffic is tens of thousands, but once you >

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