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"Hold on,

means everything", I can not remember which is aged in proposed a few years ago, but at that time the guest should still and starring Huang Xiaoming in high and vigorous spirits, "hold on, ad means everything" was also in the advertising industry sought, and was regarded as a classic case of advertisement representative the "text" source of the pinnacle of the school.

and VANCL style, "it means everything," also from the old mine, but different, and VANCL style popular in the limelight after the vintage and customers began to truly appreciate the hardships and stand pressure ".

in 2006, selling outstanding shares in old suburbs, started the "returning" creation, now look back to this book, a deep sense of nostalgia, not a hint of success, to "hold on, mean everything" interpretation and self pity.

however, 9 years later, when the lens to the April 1st Wukesong MasterCard centre, as in the old "where, at the end of a love letter" conference speech, again with a slightly sad feeling aftertaste his 21 years in Beijing, I feel deeply in the heart of the old "hold on, interpretation means" all the sublimation.

We have experienced the brilliant

there is no doubt that the T-shirt sales even more than once in the world even, UNIQLO, where the distance is just one step away from success, but after the bustling lonely and have a few people to experience


had not experienced people are hard to understand the success of the head halo was replaced questioned after feeling a huge gap, need is "hold on". Fortunately, the old have survive and stick to "hold on", then, with last year’s "8.18" and "4.1 this year".

where the two times conference indicates that we once again return to the starting point of his success, shirts and T-shirts, but the same product, the taste is different. From success down the altars of old little wild and intractable frivolous, more practical, serious attitude. Just after the conference, Lei Jun said, "old, is now doing a real T-shirt, a good T-shirt really extreme." The age is under review, "make a T-shirt, where the customer is the duty, in my life again." We started to return to nature.

last year’s "8.18" and "4.1" this year there is a same point, the vintage has been in our own product details, from fabrics to design, small cuffs, waist or armpit. No rhetoric, just repetition and narration, the only constant is the feelings of the literati.

of course, where the customer is not the year where customers now may have missed the best business opportunity, but at least I saw two old "returning" to "hold on, mean everything" mentality. At least now we haven’t lost.

like Lei last wish, "I feel proud for the aged, three to five years after that, we will return of the king". Who knows

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