Jingdong involved in digital music online digital music mall

morning news recently, the Jingdong announced the online digital music store, which is following the original network, digital books, magazines, books and other media, and a major breakthrough in the field of digital business Jingdong mall. Jingdong digital music products will be as in the past to Jingdong "genuine low price" strategy, this action not only to promote the healthy development of the digital music industry, and electricity supplier through value-added services, to further enhance the user experience.


Jingdong digital music store

it is understood that the biggest highlight of the Jingdong in the digital music service is to keep pace with the times to achieve cloud storage music copy list information, the data is never lost, whenever and wherever possible download, let "across time and space, accompanied by the concert" possible. At the same time, Jingdong digital music sales price is only the traditional CD record of 1/3 or even 1/10, through quality control, so that music lovers to enjoy a better quality at a lower cost.

some of the media reports, from the beginning of next year, the new mode of the digital music industry is expected to enter the "freemium" dual operation, Chinese music search will soon enter the monthly payment stage. Jingdong timely capture industry development, according to the development needs of users and digital music trend, provides a variety of services for users, both digital music and peripheral products to pay to download, have combined sales of digital music and traditional products, you can also use the points to exchange for digital music, and add more the terminal support, is convenient for users to enjoy whenever and wherever possible.

Jingdong mall currently has more than 60 million registered users, relying on a large Jingdong, there is a high-quality user groups to pay for the purchase of the group, Jingdong digital music business prospects for development. "With the music pay era gradually coming, Jingdong ‘genuine low price" strategy, and diversified sales strategy, will attract a large number of users, "the related research scholars in the field," relying on Jingdong large user groups, within 3 years of the Jingdong will grow into a leading digital music distribution platform."

throughout the development line of Jingdong, digital music business is only part of its digital strategic layout. In the overall planning of the digital business Jingdong, will concentrate on the original network such as e-books, digital reading business, music downloads, ringtones and other digital music business, mobile applications, cloud applications, application store business, as well as English education, adult education and digital video services in four areas. Through the digital business development of the four fields, the Jingdong Store aims to realize the cultural and creative industries in the whole media transaction services, and ultimately from "ebook – paper book – Game – Animation – Music – Doll derivatives" cultural creative industry chain through.

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