Armani launched e commerce websites in China

international luxury giant through various ways to expand its brand influence in china. Armani group in November 26th for its Emporio Armani brand to build e-commerce website formally launched, which is also the largest luxury goods group launched the first e-commerce website in china.

Armani group is currently in Chinese a total of 160 stores, accounting for its global sales revenue of 10%, the group deputy chief executive John · Hooks believes that this proportion increased to 20% the company hopes to open an easy job to do, the electronic commerce website come into contact with the younger and more affluent consumers familiar with computer, the importance of Chinese market for Armani. Is hard to overstate, e-commerce is to cater to this point."

coincidentally, international luxury brand MontBlanc CEO Mr Bethge said recently, the world’s largest MontBlanc store will be located in Beijing next summer, the scale will reach 1500 square meters. He said, Chinese rapidly growing middle class is very interested in luxury, "2005 MontBlanc began to open stores in the Chinese China market, not even in the top ten, but three years later Chinese beyond other countries to become our biggest market."

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