Reflect guest by live electricity supplier to join Tmall to open up the consumer upgrade fast trac

is still a double eleven, is still buy buy buy, but with the reflection of the guests to join, everything is not the same.

October 28th, Ying Ke announced on its official WeChat announced a number of public and business cooperation with Tmall, reflecting the guest will broadcast field only strategic partner to move to participate in the Tmall double eleven to go, will to live and live in the stars and brand on the platform of a series of activities to boost Tmall double the eleven. In the activity, reflecting the guest will get Tmall to pay tens of millions of levels of advertising costs.


live broadcast platform to help boost consumer electricity supplier

as early as the beginning of this year, there are a number of electronic business platform has shown a strong interest in the broadcast. Including Taobao, including a number of electronic business platform has been broadcast as their strategic direction of development, more direct investment in electronic business platform for incubation and brokerage network anchor.

Ying Ke broadcast platform such as electricity providers in addition to suction eye magic, and what role


in April this year, the cheetah connect conference, reflecting the guest CEO served in the life of the students had cited live + electricity supplier example. In the Archilife prediction the future of the Internet to buy a piece of clothing can live better with the seller through interactive video, voice, picture and real-time communication, these functions can make the original lifeless "buyers show" become more attractive to consumers "sellers show". Insiders said: in the past, online shopping online shopping in the future to read the comments, and watch live barrage.

live these features just to meet the needs of the consumer population upgrade.

Vice President

Zhang Qin (nickname Yang Guo) in the 2016 Taobao sellers "double promotion" communication conference said: "with the consumer knowledge more perfect, more on the price requirements, instead the past those so-called high prices, or luxury, or low, or low quality are more and more consumers abandoned them more focus on the high-end market, this is the biggest upgrade China future consumption growth drivers."

this means that the current round of consumer upgrades is essentially the pursuit of consumer knowledge for the pursuit of cost-effective products, for better consumer experience and the pursuit of after-sales service. Reflecting off such a mobile broadcast is essentially a more efficient and more transparent way of communication, this communication just cater to consumers a more comprehensive understanding of the commodity demand, consumers will be more effective to communicate with merchants, and consumers will be more direct feedback with a barrage of forms.

so Tmall double eleven activities at ten million reward, but also to pull the mobile broadcast industry ranked first of the passengers to join it is not difficult to understand.

reflect the full upgrade to meet the new passenger

consumption upgrade is the arrival of new capital outlet.

famous investment institutions IDG in this year’s investment report, the consumer upgrade as 201>

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