Photosynthesis start rebirth plan want to go online selling books mode



for photosynthesis bookstore (TechWeb pictures)

TechWeb editor recommended: after several rounds of negotiations, last week, photosynthesis rebirth model of the draft has been released, and initially obtained a clear investment intentions of investors recognized. In order to avoid private bookstores suffered the impact of network sales, cooperation with the new combination of online and offline mode, the store sales network to experience based, for-profit, competitive with traditional electricity supplier.

signed agreement on gambling

"at present, the detailed program has been released, and some investors recognized." Yesterday, CEO is responsible for the work of restructuring the company wealth Xin Cary design, said on behalf of photosynthesis officials to accept the exclusive interview with this newspaper, the group has already started to enter the liquidation of debt restructuring, project evaluation and detailed operational level, is expected to two weeks, were a detailed scheme to the public will be fully open and open for comments.

the reorganization of photosynthesis is seen as a campaign to save the traditional culture industry. "The biggest advantage of the company is that the reader has a deep affection for the brand." Lao Xin said, therefore, cooperation with the Shin Kong no longer confined to the past "small fresh" style, but in twenty-first Century the demand of readers as the center, to create a deep emotional reading experience.


Kong profit model will be through online and offline two channels complement, the store will return to the shaping of "reading space" in the traditional core, further strengthening the humanistic and aesthetic experience, innovation of types of goods, a large sales model, improve the profitability of the store. Online sales are still inconvenient to disclose." Lao Xin said, but the model does not and Dangdang, Jingdong and other traditional business competition, will be a "new model", as used to the digital era cooperation new profit point.

Lao Xin said, cooperation with Xinguang profit model has attracted a number of companies interested in, at present, after several rounds of screening, can partner company reserves have been less than 20, the next two weeks, will be the final screening.


photosynthesis founder and general manager Sun pool team will lose control of the Lao Xin Xinguang? Said the photosynthesis and investors signed an agreement on gambling, in this way, let the original team continue to bear the main responsibility, but not completely control the equity to master.

debt is much lower than rumors

previously, photosynthesis because the collective business, is that speculation will face huge pressure of debt restructuring, restart funds may need 130 million yuan. In the previous negotiations, debt has become an important factor in many investors hesitant.

work for the first time to respond to Xin said, according to the inventory of the current situation, the photosynthesis of debt is about the legendary.

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