618 what day is it 618 electricity supplier to buy mobile phones on the installment of fun installme

news June 16th, loved by the young stage of shopping mall — interesting staging, in the upcoming "618 big promotion activities in celebration, for the 30 million students held" 618 free Festival officially kicked off, in order to meet consumer demand for different students, and to bring a better user experience 618, the carnival is still the "free" in the end, at the same time interested in staging joint HUAWEI, Samsung and DELL, and other major brands Charm Blue, a variety of commodity price again in the usual prices.


selling goods straight down the explosion of cheap grab

teamed up with many interesting staging brands cooperation, not only for the goods of high quality standards and strict requirements, to ensure genuine, at the same time the price drop to a lower, with interest free activities. For example, iPad Air 2 in the interest of 618 carnival fun staging, again based on the original price of 589 yuan; DELL notebook on the basis of the original price of 450 yuan.


fun stage has been advocating the reasonable consumption of young people to help students develop a correct view of consumption, credit, and actively undertake and build social credit system responsibility. At the same time, fun stage also hope for the society to bring some small and beautiful changes. Here to remind you, according to their own rational consumption, avoid excessive consumption in advance.

fun stage – China’s first brand of consumer credit for young people, with the strength to lead the industry, with the dream to create the future.

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