Tencent little warning Groupon China site to listen to me

The world’s largest

group purchase website Groupon and the Tencent joint venture Gaopeng (www.gaopeng.com) on the line less than 24 hours will hurry offline. Industry sources said, Groupon and Tencent have the gap: responsible for the Groupon overseas market expansion of the general manager of the German company O GrouponM yCityDeal liver Sam w Er yesterday flew to Beijing, and the Tencent in the new company CEO Ouyang Yun emergency consultations to resolve the contradiction between the two sides.



sales in December last year accounted for

reporter repeatedly call the head of the public relations department of Tencent phone, but no answer. At present, Gaopeng (www.gaopeng.com) page is closed; the paradox is that Hongkong website (www.gaopeng.com.Hk) is still online, but no group purchase information; company information and bar, "what a Gaopeng" has been deleted. Tencent’s gourd in the end to sell what medicine?

brief appearance

overseas group purchase originator and Internet giants in Chinese group purchase on marriage, the beginning is placed in the spotlight: on the morning of 15, careful users found that group purchase website Groupon and the joint venture Tencent (www.gaopeng.com) website Gaopeng has access to and accept the user registered mail. A group purchase only in Beijing city.

in a simple registration page information, the user can see the message: "you have successfully subscribed to Gaopeng electronic newspaper. We will be formally launched in China next week. For the first time to buy a line, we will inform you in the first time. You will receive all your city maximum daily deal preferential! "" side of the picture shows, catering, hairdressing, group purchase will be both leisure and tourism products and services.

but from the beginning of the 15 day afternoon, the site has been closed to the newspaper yesterday, the deadline, still display the web page is not currently available.

and some sites because beta will be suspended, foreign registration, but usually in the home made the ‘look’. But even the announcement "Gaopeng next week officially launched" in China, suddenly shut down, very strange." A group purchase network who declined to be named also pointed out that the website (w w w Hongkong.Gaopeng.com.Hk) is still online, but no information about the group purchase, Gao Peng "," contact "and other information column is blank. "Tencent came from Groupon and started working, both positive and negative information staggered, Gaopeng prospects really can not say."

news, Gao Peng suddenly on-line 15 days, is a unilateral act of German Groupon, and the Tencent immediately take emergency measures, "

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