Jumei com to promote the electricity supplier industry or the frequent hot extrusion effect

either before the "301 big promotion" and "June Festival", or just the surface of "3.5 anniversary", jumei.com in the big promotion is hot strike frequently, bright scene. Some industry analysts said, with jumei.com as the representative of the advantages of the electricity supplier continuous heavy launch series of high strength big promotion activities, helps the large and weak camp in traffic and sales data on the one hand, on the other hand can also accelerate the arrival of the whole industry market. The source even admitted that electricity supplier protracted war, the surface is the price war, but the essence is the brand, marketing, traffic, service and supply chain PK."

on the jumei.com 3.5 anniversary, with the electricity supplier observers told a reporter, "in fact, independent spirit early endorsement of the faint trace is now the United States in marketing, and this is precisely the lack of electricity supplier industry." It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the current in the flow, sales and supplier, jumei.com is also the innovation of marketing to rival unprecedented "extrusion". It is understood that the "woman behind" launched after half a month, Baidu not only ranked ranked first, and Youku hit rate up to 12 million 548 thousand. In addition, from the jumei.com brand Baidu word index analysis, from the 36367 film on the front of the line, up to 107961, an increase of 70 thousand times the number of searches. Particular concern is that the hippo home products mentioned in the film have sold out 4 products, total sales of 75061.

in fact, the second half of 2013, the industry will be at the edge of a strong watershed in the future of the entire e-commerce field, is not the king of the remaining, but the strong king, the winner is king. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand why jumei.com, and Tmall, Jingdong, Suning, Yi Xun as suffering from "festival addiction", and the closure of marketing, marketing innovation, marketing making festival to hang verbally. And this is like a gangster in the industry, said, in China, as long as you seize the flow, then you have a wealth."

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