80% summary of the experience of hotel operators how to choose hotel management software


hotel industry competition is intense, service quality is the key. Perfect service includes hardware / software facilities, service standards, etc.. At present, most hotels use the hotel management system software, to improve the efficiency of staff and hotel information management. It is no exaggeration to say that the hotel management system software has become the size of the hotel essential management tool!

Why does

need to use hotel management software

is simple to help manage the hotel hotel! The hotel management system is the hotel front office, housekeeping department and financial department together, achieve the management operation standard hotel, check-out, real state control and financial management, make hotel management more scientific information, convenient, improve work efficiency, reduce the enterprise operation cost.

now, more and more hotel management software developers, the new type of information software batch after batch, and each product has its own advantages, so that the hotel manager in the Select Hotel management system is more difficult. In the face of the market a superb collection of beautiful things of hotel management software how to choose


how Select Hotel management software

1, the purchase of a certain brand of hotel management software, it is recommended that the field inspection company qualification, strength, development, etc..

2, according to the actual situation of the hotel, Select Hotel management system. Hotel management software is simply used to manage the hotel internal and customer service, to solve all the problems of the hotel management.

3, Select Hotel management software, not the more the better, depending on whether it is suitable for your hotel. Understanding of the hotel system is easy to implement, whether the functional structure is clear, flexible, stable, simple operation, the need to train staff, etc..

4, remember not a computer company can develop the hotel system! Must find a professional hotel software developers, to protect the perfect after-sales. After all, the hotel staff to understand the operation of the computer may be less, if you can not find a problem in a timely manner software vendors, so many operators headache.

5, hotel software prices if the pressure is too low, it is possible that the quality of service will be reduced, so the price is moderate, not too low prices.

6, hotel management system is permanently free upgrade automatically, which allows the software to keep up with the trend, maintenance is also more efficient". It is understood that jcipc software company Tengyun series products provide intimate quality assurance, a fee, lifetime free upgrades. As one of the earliest China hotel management software company, owned by the hotel Tengyun software to help customers improve a series of profit as the ultimate goal, to improve the management level of the enterprise mission, Chinese became the most influential leading brand hotel management software


in short, the hotel manager in the Select Hotel management system, should be carefully considered, and from the long-term development as well as their own interests, choose a suitable

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