The establishment of the international SF electricity supplier business department built 20 global w

Beijing daily news (reporter Li Duo) cross-border business has become one of the main direction of the future of private courier. Vice president of the international business division SF Li Qing Wang yesterday said in an interview, the international SF future development strategy, and through the establishment of 20 global warehouse network, covering 4 main target market.

Li Qingwang said that SF globalization consists of two aspects of globalization and the globalization of network products. The product of globalization, the SF hair business has been covering the world 241 countries and regions, the future will flow from the client layer, product layer, layer 3 levels of force; global network, SF will be through the establishment of 20 global warehouse network to cover 4 main target markets. North American overseas warehouse layout in the East, West and the Canada; in addition to the UK 4 European overseas positions, but also in Germany, France, the layout of Italy and Spain; will also be in Russia and Australia jiancang.

it is understood that the SF International Business Division was established in July 1, 2014, mainly responsible for SF international business. Li Qingwang introduction, the ministry established a year’s time, has led the introduction of a dozen products, involving import and export, logistics and warehousing. In the traditional commercial courier and postal services, SF for cross-border electricity supplier launched a variety of products with independent innovation service.

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