Online transfer transaction platform to save the credibility crisis

with the development of online shopping, in Taobao and other online trading platform, a large number of brush corps, the number of thousands of people, more than tens of thousands of people. After their "click", the virtual high sales and "praise" appeared in some of the online shop.

recently, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued a "network of commodity trading and related services management approach (Draft)" by hiring or together with others, in the form of fictitious transactions to enhance the business reputation of yourself or others will be punished. Some consumers believe that after the introduction of new regulations, network transactions will be further standardized, online shopping will more worry.

brush the credibility of the reasons for the halt is not only disrupt the fair order of online shopping platform, as well as part of the reason is because there is a certain risk brush credit. The "roadside stone" had this experience, he told reporters: originally want to find a part-time job to earn some extra cash, did not expect to plunge into the scam cheated nearly 1000 yuan hard-earned money. Remind you, take the money to the Taobao shop brush reputation part-time is a scam, do not be fooled.

reporter to verify: netizen "Rainbow Bridge dream" surnamed Chu, is a city of migrant workers, is currently working in a cafe. In order to earn more money, the first two days of his Internet to find a part-time job, the results found a forum in a recruitment information – please give some Taobao shop brush credibility. Small Chu deserved this part of the job very tricky, then contacted each other through QQ. According to other reports, they are dedicated to create a high reputation of the shop, in order to avoid the Express link, the organization open shop specializing in virtual goods, such as telephone recharge cards, game cards and so on, once the brush to the high level of credit, will be transferred to another business shop price……

small Chu immediately promised to do the part-time job for gospel truth. The other side quickly sent a form, so that the small Chu to fill in the required. "I did not understand the specific content on the form, only read" every single business can get 10% Commission." Small Chu memories. Fill out the form, he according to the prompt, use their own money to buy a shop 300 yuan in the game card. According to the agreement, after the success of small Chu payment, the other party should return the principal and pay 30 yuan commission. Unexpectedly, the other said: you do this is a single package, you must continue to finish a series of baby is done. After the completion of the principal, commission together, and in half an hour to complete the package, the commission can go up five points."

under the temptation of high salary, small Chu and took two baby, spent $780. After paying the money, the other side would also like him to continue to shoot, small Chu panic: I am a total of less than 1300 yuan on the account, and then shoot no money." So, small Chu claimed that "do not do", let the other party to pay back the money. The results can be imagined, he did not care about me, directly pull my QQ black".

coincidentally, small Chu encountered many things that people have suffered, in an interview with reporters learned that in addition to the current system can not use the brush reputation, many new Taobao sellers will go to some reliable.

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