But CEO revealed truth was Baidu founder UUCUN


] August 25th news billion state power network, the day before, Baidu UUCUN (remote village) founder and CEO Zhang Zhendong has officially announced the departure from Baidu, the creation of the cross-border paramita global purchase. It is reported that the company was founded in early 2015, and at the end of June announced the completion of two hundred million yuan level financing.

UUCUN and apple founder Zhang Zhendong

According to

billion state power network to understand, Zhang Zhendong in 2009 the creation of Android alliance UUCUN market, the product accumulated more than 200 million users. In July 2013, Baidu wholly acquired UUCUN. After the completion of mergers and acquisitions, the company’s net profit increased by nearly 20 times before the acquisition.

and Zhang Zhendong’s new venture is a loaded paramita mobile video interactive technology of self cross-border electronic business platform, the technology can provide consumers with reduced paramita overseas shopping scene, let consumers feel like shopping overseas, and overseas shopping site staff about the real-time interaction, to understand the full range of commodity information and local price. The APP was formally launched on July 1, 2015. In officially launched, has raised two paramita funds, the first round of $3 million, the second round of nearly $10 million

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