Please consider the feelings of consumers to buy more competition

upgrade from the hundred regiments to thousands of war, whether the media or advertising crazy war struggle, industry insiders commented, the industry will eventually participate in group purchase because a large number of vicious competition is too large to re shuffle, then, the final winner is the best and most sincere service to win, or the financial strength strong leading

?In order to fight than

grade pomp, grab the market in popularity, group purchase sites have a coup, but who care about the interests of consumers of the most fundamental


I recently participated in a domestic large-scale network group purchase group purchase group purchase activities, the amount of discount really bright spots, but the quality of service and quality was eye popping, a double steak component even enough of an adult woman’s appetite. Does the businesses to reduce the price, reduce the quality of the products is the group purchase network call behoove? What happens to ask, the answer is to find their own business customers to figure out, the ball kicked, the ultimate victims are still consumers.

it is no wonder that there is a popular word on the Internet: want to be slaughtered, on the buy network.

I immediately conducted a survey in the major reviews, found in the group comments page, almost became a customer buy off the venue, not to say that the merchant is cunning, is not responsible for the site to buy. Part of the group purchase and business partnership consumer fraud issue, 315 of its activism has been a lot of exposure, since everyone wants to become the industry leader, why not more to consider the feelings of consumers.

in the furious, a data so that the author is angry, on the Internet a comment, a merchant has conducted a number of cooperation with a national large group purchase website, but every cooperation led to a large number of customer comments complaints, but they are still happy to die is not tired of this cooperation. So I was very sad. Even such a large group purchase network and businesses have collusion, so for consumers, the number of group purchase is worthy of our trust.

in short, the rise of group purchase network should be better service to consumers, rather than with fluky psychology together with the business of consumer fraud, whether traditional or the video network group purchase group purchase newborn, they should pay attention to is not fancy publicity, but the service and product quality assurance.

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