One thing have to say is the little secret of DC industry

It is often found that the speed of light to buy space to ask: not handsome, I want space, the server to double, Netcom Netcom are fast


but are some small private room

part of the city railway do IDC service

real double server,, to 2, 2 card, IP.

speed can also be,

finally chose to give up China motion Telecom Netcom.

and the private room only a few G.

for Telecom and Netcom users access is not ideal

How much is the

we sell space is a single telecommunications network of random selection

personal computer connected to telecommunications, Netcom, Railcom, mobile, length and width of all lines to how much money?

are not enough to pay the money to buy a computer with broadband fee

let double, multi line space to go to hell.

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